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Bodega Cerro Chapeu

Castel Pujol Rosé Clásicos

50% Cabernet Sauvignon 30% Merlot 20% Tannat
Cerro Chapeu, Rivera, Uruguay. 250 meters above sea level. Continental climate with great thermal amplitude.

Soils of alluvial origin from volcanic materials washed over millions of years that formed very deep reddish sediments rich in iron, with great depth and good drainage.

Handpicked with 15kg boxes.
Pre-fermentative maceration for 24 hours, after which, once the desired color has been obtained, the musts are drained and cut between them, followed by fermentation with selected yeasts at a temperature of 16ºC for 25 days.
Harvests according to availability at the time of billing
Consult for the price of special harvests


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Deliveries to Montevideo and other cities in Uruguay

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How to preserve it

We suggest keeping your bottle protected from light, in a horizontal position and at a stable temperature.