Cerro Chapeu is born from the tradition that our family carries in their veines: dedicated to wine for more than ten generations, started in Catalonia by Francisco Carrau Vehils in 1752

We are dedicated to the art of winemaking in a unique biome, our vineyards are located in the red, deep and sand soils of Cerro Chapeu, on the border line between Uruguay and Brazil. Our philosophy is the low in-put winemaking in balance with the environment. The winery built in 1997 within a hill is based on gravity, which together with innovative oenological techniques and the family experience that characterizes us, result in unique wines.


Cerro Chapeu region is located in one of the purest environments according to theenvironmental sustainability indexes (ESI) of the Columbia and Yale universities.


Cerro Chapeu estate, at northern Uruguay, today with 40 years old vines, was carefully selected by Francisco Carrau Pujol, during the early 70´s together with California Davies University for its deep red sand soils with very good drainage.
With a template climate and continental at 1000 feet over sea level, was chosen to plant the first Uruguay´s clone selected and virus free varieties imported from California and France. The Carrau family has always been at the forefront of innovation in winemaking, and in 1979 in Uruguay introduced the idea of using Tannat grapes to create a unique red wine style.

In 2005, under the leadership of winemaker Dr. Francisco Carrau, Bodega Cerro Chapeu
launched the wines in the U.S.A.
Today owners Francisco, Gabriela and Margarita Carrau, are dedicated to train and advise the
young team that leads the project, with which they believe the great potential of Cerro Chapeu
region will be demonstrated.


In 1997 Dr. Francisco Carrau, founder´s youngest son and nine generation, designed and led the construction of one of the first gravity fed wineries in south america inside a flat top hill in the estate.

Francisco had also developed a vineyard-based research program, dedicated to careful clonal
selection, rejuvenation of the oldest vineyards and the application of low-input winemaking

techniques for obtaining from our vineyards some of the best Sauvignon Blanc and Tannat
wines from South America.


Francisco Carrau Bonomi

Owner winemaker

Doctor in Chemistry in yeasts and wine aromas. From 1981 he played the role of
winemaker and participated in the management of Bodegas Carrau. In the 90s he
promoted the research and development area of ​​the company, whose innovations allowed
to open new export markets such as the United States, thus contributing to the
development of the prestige of Uruguayan wine in the world. He is currently closely
advising the Cerro Chapeu project.

Margarita Carrau Bonomi

Wine tourism Manager

Trained in Communication Sciences. From 2000 developed the Wine Tourism area in
Bodegas Carrau, and transform it into one of the areas with the greatest commercial impact
of the company. In 2003, she promoted the creation of the Wine Tourism Association of
Uruguay, “Los caminos del vino”, which presided in its origins. Currently, Margarita, with her experience and knowledge, has positioned Cerro Chapeu between the main tourist
interests of Rivera and the northern corridor of the country.